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Autologistics LLC was founded in December, 2001 as a partner of Daimler Chrysler Cars RUS concern in the area of logistics in the Russian Federation. Services that we offer to Daimler Cars RUS CJSC include transportation of Mercedes-Benz passenger cars and trucks, Chrysler and JeepR cars from Hanko port (Finland) to Moscow, its registration at customs and delivery to dealers throughout Russia. 

Since June 2006 our company has been providing a set of services for Ford Motor Company CJSC including vehicle delivery from Finnish and Estonian ports to our storage facilities in Moscow, warehouse handling, storage and distribution to dealers in 53 cities in the Russian Federation. We have transported 100 000 Ford, Volvo, Land Rover and Jaguar cars by now. 

Since April 2007 our company has been the only transporter of BMW vehicles from the producer factories in Germany to the warehouse of BMW Russland Trading LLC in Moscow and also to dealers throughout the Russian Federetion. 

Our company also delivers exclusive vehicles.They are transported in an original container specially designed in Germany – a covered Mercedes-Benz Axor 1835 LS carrier with the LOHR S2M59X trailer. 

Today Autologistics LLC has a modern terminal with the area of 84 ha (14 km from Moscow Ring Road along Leningradsky highway) to provide a secure storage, quick customs clearance and the quickest delivery of the imported vehicles and repair parts throughout Russia. 
Our company has a specialized autopark, which numbers over 536 automobile carriers. 

We offer a wide range of services including 

■  Vehicle transportation from Europe and its distribution throughout the Russian Federation 
■  Customs clearance 
■  Vehicle storage 
■  Professional pre-delivery inspection, vehicle handling and repair.

We also would like to mention that the company acts strictly in the framework of both Russian and international legislation.

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